The Haircut ALL Men Should Get!

Reminiscent of those 1940’s dapper ‘do’s this style has been rising in popularity for quite some time now.   If you haven’t caught this train, here’s a post to help you get on it!   Men, and even women (!) are getting down with it and it is sure fire as heck about time you get down with it too! I mean, It just reeks of sexiness, am I right? And don’t worry! There are TONS of different versions of this cut to choose from to keep up with your own unique style. //


Dennis Schäfer

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Gianluca Di Sotto


James Quaintance


Edward Honaker


Dawid Auguscik


Cole Mohr


Jack Gallowtree


Ash Stymest


David Beckham

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42 - T.O.P from Korean boyband BigBang

T.O.P from Korean boyband BigBang




Look what one of my followers sent me!




pulled images from: The Haircut All MEN Should Get!


If you like these, try the PROFESSIONAL version of this!

Infinite Direct Bridgewater's Professional Version of This Hairstyle

Infinite Direct Bridgewater’s Professional Version of This Hairstyle


    1. I hope you don’t assume that every man with long hair is gay and that every woman with short hair is lesiban. You’re a dumb ass.

  1. Please…. nowadays, no matter if they are musicians, football players, bankers or street cleaners, they’ve all got the same stupid haircut. Guys, really? Don’t you have more personality that this? Bah…

    1. What’s the difference between a guy getting an undercut and a girl wearing high waisted shorts? Do all girls who wear high waisted shorts lack personality??

  2. Hat about men with really curly hair that can turn into an Afro that’s what my hair is like it short and really curly but when I blow dry it it turn I to a big Afro

  3. Fantastic article, very informative indeed. For more advice on mens hair styles in general, feel free to check out

  4. This is literally, by far, without any trace of reasonable and empirical doubt, The Most Stupid Hairstyle I’ve ever seen! Grow your hair out or keep it short like some military fag, just don’t do halfsies.

      1. If you’re offended by the word “fag” because you’re a homosexual, you have every right to be offended, and I appologise. Still, if you’re in the army and I’ve pissed you off because I dared to insult a soldier, then sorry, but the army is one of those institutions the modern world could very well do without. Do you think that just because you’ve “served your country”, that you are somehow entitled to a degree of respect?

    1. Are you calling the men that protect our country fags!! I’m sorry but are you a dumbass? Those men leave there family and risk their lives to protect your sorry ass. And the military is something that we need because if we didn’t have a military we wouldn’t be where we are today. My brother lost his life to protect our country and families. To know that people like you are disrespecting him disgusts me. You should be ashamed of yourself.

      1. So leaving your family behind to fight some rich man’s war for profit is somehow noble? And you called someone else a dumbass? Not since ww2 has the US military protected this country from anything. Stop being delusional. I’m sorry you lost your brother, but maybe he should have stayed home and actually done something productive instead of trying to mooch off the state.

  5. Stubble, yes. The undercut, no. With the right cheek bones and a cape it comes off as spoiled and snotty. Otherwise, it sets off gaydar. The more thickness in the under part the better, though, which begs the question… Why not just let the whole mane grow out evenly. Just as flamboyant and cool with none of the snobbery or false gay signals.

  6. With the right cheekbones, a close shave and a cape, it looks spoiled and snotty at best. Otherwise, just sends out gay signals all over the place. Thicker hair on the “under” section looks less so…Which begs the question, Why not just grow the whole mane out? All the flare and none of the false gay signals.

  7. Hat about men with really curly hair that can turn into an Afro that’s what my hair is like it short and really curly but when I blow dry it it turn I to a big Afro please give me the suggestion about this Haircuts

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