about methis is me-damiandazz

Wow!  A whole page just about me!

I’m a currently freelancing as a UI / Graphic Designer as well as manage social media for 6 companies and I am from the Jersey Shore.

I studied film and lived in London for 5 years. Also lived in Honolulu, Austin, & Baltimore.

I enjoy taking beautiful things and enhancing them into simple and shareable pieces of content. I also love the logic and structure of the user interface and always strive to design the best user experiences possible.

My passion is editing video and plan on creating a production company very soon.

When I’m not designing or pushing pixels, you’ll find me in the gym or walking or filming/ Vining (or both) my dog Teddy.


  1. Hey great blog.. The Mens haircut blog was great.. To bad I can not pull that hair design off.. ha lol.. not enough on top.. Look forward to seeing future blog posts..

  2. hey man, love the blog. could you tell me a little more about the haircut from your article “The Haircut ALL Men Should Get!” Are those all different variations of the same cut? any insight into it would be great. I’m terrible at communicating with my barber lol. thanks!

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