Have You Ever Seen A Bromance Like This?

The sheer genius of this film inspired me to repost it.

True Bromance

Acrobatic male bonding on the streets of London

From the quest to reclaim all-American Adonis imagery—as championed by Bruce Weber’s iconic 90s Calvin Klein ads—to a gym or juice-cleanse obsession, the ever-changing relationship with our bodies is never far from conversation. For Bertil Nilsson, the London-based Swedish director of Bromance, the body and its movement is his sole method of communicating with his subjects. Through an interest in circus arts and natural landscapes, his work presents contorted nude figures displaced from their everyday contexts.

“The film explores the intimacy of physical interaction between guys—their ‘bromance’”

“It’s based on them being friends, exploring the intimacy of physical interaction between guys; of their ‘bromance,’” says Nilsson of dancers Beren D’Amico, Charlie Wheeller and Louis Gift from the experimental acrobatic company, Barely Methodical Troupe, which won the Total Theatre Award at Edinburgh 2014 for its live performance or Bromance. “The concept of the film was to set something unusual in the real world, almost a documentary in the most abstract of senses.”

Love and Connection with Alanis

If there was ever someone I connected and empathize with, it is Alanis Morissette.

She has this air about her, and this connectedness that I strive for. Having also experienced love addiction myself, I know that there is so much truth when she talks about being an observer. We all need to develop our innate human capac­ity to see our­selves and the world around us with non-judgmental attach­ments. It gives you peace and solace and the ability to make conscious choices. It is also one of the hardest things that one can harness and maintain at all times.

If you go to 25:36, what she describes here about who she is in a relationship actually brought me to tears. To think that we share so many of the same values has me turning to her for advice, whether it be in her music, or reading something she’s written, or in this case watching her in an interview.  Please watch this video, it is truly rewarding. At least it is for me.

“What you want is not a marriage, but a spiritual partnership between equals for the purpose of spiritual growth.”

Alanis Interview on Oprah's Super Soul Sunday

See video here:

I am always extremely hungry for the healing. I really love when she talks about her relationships in this interview. I have always been a believer in finding the person that sees the value in sticking it out in a relationship like I do.  The song lyric that comes to mind regarding what she is talking about here comes from “Thank U” where Alanis sings, “How about not equating death with stopping.”  Because when people are re-traumitizing themselves by staying in the “fighting”, many people will end a relationship there whereas I see that as a breakthrough, and I, like Alanis am always devastated when that value is not reciprocated.

As humans we yearn for a deep connection and the best person to look to as an exemplary of that is the beautiful and humbled Alanis Morissette.  She is my true hero and deity.

“Love is most felt when it is a verb and an action.”

So now as I turn 35 this coming Tuesday the 23rd, I find myself wanting to get closer to achieving that observer self, and I am humbled when things like this interview come into my life at just the right moment to inspire and motivate.

Happy Birthday to me and Thank U Alanis.

May’d in America

Look no further than here for the best playlist created by none other than an amazing piece of man who goes by the name of Galen

Galen London

Made specifically to give you 3.5 hours of indiepop bliss!

Perfect for good weather and flip flops!


Jonathan Groff, Josh Gad & Kristen Bell Finally Reveal How They Made Frozen (In Musical Form, Of Course!) [VIDEO]

olaf gif hot tub frozen

So we all loved “Frozen” right?

Just to give you an idea of HOW successful “Frozen” has actually become, here are the stats:

  • 19th highest-grossing film of all-time
  • Golden Globe for Best Animated Film
  • 2 Academy Awards [NOMINATED (But sure to win Best Animated Feature Category & Best Original Song this Sunday)],
  • Largest 3-day and 5-day unadjusted Thanksgiving openings of all-time, $66.71 million and $93.01 million (which had been previously held by 1999’s Toy Story 2 with respective $57.39 million and $80.12 million
  • Worldwide Gross: $980,905,905
  • 2,706,163 Likes on Facebook (to date)
  • A Broadway Show version is already in the works

I know, that’s pretty impressive, right?

jonathan goff, kristoff, frozen

“Frozen” now brings about a third renaissance for Walt Disney’s legendary film studio and I feel is the culmination of a revival driven by fierce competition and the purchase of Pixar.

And Elsa’s drag queen moves are fabulous!

Drag Queen Elsa Frozen gif

To be frank, this film will go down as one of my all-time faves.  The writing was superfluous, the cast was excellent, and the music was out of this world! Not to mention the story is unlike anything Disney has done before, and is clearly speaking volumes around the world.

Screen Shot 2014-02-27 at 7.50.04 AM

But don’t take MY word for it, Jonathan Groff (yum), Josh Gad (ha) and Kristen Bell (awww) made a musical about the making of “Frozen”. Enjoy!



By Far The Coolest SlowMo Video You Will EVER See

Adam Magyar is just genius.

Like I said, genius.

He positioned himself on trains pulling into stations in various cities, filming the waiting crowds and here is the result. An astounding, captivating piece of footage that captures a moment in time is one that I don’t think anyone has done before!  And the fact that the editing contains no music creates this eerie, voyeuristic feel to it.  Adam has taken to New York, Berlin, Tokyo and I’m expecting many more to come!

And now with the new slo-mo feature on my iPhone 5s it lets me capture video at 120 frames per second in 720p, and I’m hoping to channel just some of the genius that is Adam Magyar!

For anyone who’s ever had to wait for a train, these short films of people waiting for public transit is for you.

Adam Magyar

Adam Magyar

And just to confirm it was in fact 720p and 50fps that this footage was filmed in. And while some of you may not believe it, it is true. The only difference is that it was shot using a customized Optronis high-speed camera at 56 times normal speed.

Read more about how Adam spent two years writing custom software to improve image quality and reduce noise and the challenges he had to overcome in this fascinating article! Medium



Teddy and his new found friend do a little dance to The Black Keys

Teddy vs. Hercules

Does anyone obsess over taking videos and photos of their dog?

Where does one even begin to get their dog to auditions? I’d be SO down for doing that, and I know Teddy would love it too!

Check out Teddy’s Facebook page to see more pics of him if ya want:

sexualized mind, children minds, psychology

If You See The Dolphins Within 6 Seconds You’re Normal, If Not, You’re…

sexualized mind, children minds, psychology

Researchers have found that children cannot see the ‘naked woman and the naked man behind her grabbing her boobies’ scene because they do not have it in their memories yet. What the children see are just the 9 dolphins that are really there!

Do you seem them yet?

Still waiting…

Note: This is a test to see if you have a sexualized mind, if you can’t see the dolphins in 6 seconds it means that your mind is highly sexualized

Read full article here

The Haircut ALL Men Should Get!

Reminiscent of those 1940’s dapper ‘do’s this style has been rising in popularity for quite some time now.   If you haven’t caught this train, here’s a post to help you get on it!   Men, and even women (!) are getting down with it and it is sure fire as heck about time you get down with it too! I mean, It just reeks of sexiness, am I right? And don’t worry! There are TONS of different versions of this cut to choose from to keep up with your own unique style. //


Dennis Schäfer

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Jack Gallowtree


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David Beckham

street-style-men-undercut men-hairstyle-short-sides-long-front men-look-short-sides-long-front-hair men-shaved-sides-hairstyle 8636698978_a0f82edebd_o men-undercut-long-hair men-fashion-style-undercut dapper-looks-men-undercut 6150889028_37ed6cd59f michaelpitthairstyle 4ed534419c3ccc5f7778b83eba5bf1f5 men-styles-undercut men-edgy-style men-hairstyles

42 - T.O.P from Korean boyband BigBang

T.O.P from Korean boyband BigBang




Look what one of my followers sent me!




pulled images from: The Haircut All MEN Should Get!


If you like these, try the PROFESSIONAL version of this!

Infinite Direct Bridgewater's Professional Version of This Hairstyle

Infinite Direct Bridgewater’s Professional Version of This Hairstyle


If any of you know me, you know that I have always been a fan of Alyssa Milano…  Like a MASSIVE fan…  I adore her!   Some would say I was obsessed as a teenager!   And as she’s grown, she has become one of my true idols…  a do-gooder, a mom, and philanthropist.  She does things that educate, and she does things that stimulate.

She is my one true star, and to be honest the one woman that actually “does” it for me….  (with the exception of Lucy Liu)

In fact, when I was younger and had a clubhouse, I used to make the neighborhood boys kiss the posters that I collected from Bop & Big Bopper Magazines of Alyssa that I hung up on my wall  as part of initiation!

Alyssa Milano SEX TAPE Big Bopper magazine damiandazz

So it with deepest pride and greatest pleasure, that I welcome you to this blog post.

And now, let us pull up a chair, and invite you to relax as funny or die PROUDLY presents; The Alyssa Milano Sex Tape….

Bon Appetit!