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2 Penises, 1 Man (NSFW)

Well, Reddit has gone and done it. And it has only been one full day into 2014 so far!

Apparently a redditor by the name of DoubleDickDude has shared a very personal and very fascinating (and perhaps too gross for some) photo of his two dicks.


Yes you heard that right, two penises. and yes, there is a photo.   (WARNING!!!  NSFW!!! SEE PHOTO HERE)

If you want to see the postings, you can go here to the AMA.


Apparently it is a REAL condition known as diphallia, or duplication of the penis and even though there are only a handful of cases like this in the world, it occurs in 1/5.5 million men.


Now the main question we all may be wondering, at least I know I was, is are they both functional??  Well, DoubleDickDude claims that he urinates AND ejaculates out of both simultaneously!  Some people may sneer, other may get excited, and some may just flat out think it’s a hoax, but it’s prett hard to fake this other photo if you didn’t believe the first one…


So there you have it folks. All other news reports, images and natural disasters will now pale in comparison for the remainder of the year.

Well, that's enough Internet this year - Supernatural

“Well, that’s enough Internet for this year…”