By Far The Coolest SlowMo Video You Will EVER See

Adam Magyar is just genius.

Like I said, genius.

He positioned himself on trains pulling into stations in various cities, filming the waiting crowds and here is the result. An astounding, captivating piece of footage that captures a moment in time is one that I don’t think anyone has done before!  And the fact that the editing contains no music creates this eerie, voyeuristic feel to it.  Adam has taken to New York, Berlin, Tokyo and I’m expecting many more to come!

And now with the new slo-mo feature on my iPhone 5s it lets me capture video at 120 frames per second in 720p, and I’m hoping to channel just some of the genius that is Adam Magyar!

For anyone who’s ever had to wait for a train, these short films of people waiting for public transit is for you.

Adam Magyar

Adam Magyar

And just to confirm it was in fact 720p and 50fps that this footage was filmed in. And while some of you may not believe it, it is true. The only difference is that it was shot using a customized Optronis high-speed camera at 56 times normal speed.

Read more about how Adam spent two years writing custom software to improve image quality and reduce noise and the challenges he had to overcome in this fascinating article! Medium



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