you had me at lesbian the fosters

TV’s First Gay Wedding Since DOMA (& Me Featured On Buzzfeed)

You had me at lesbian

Meet the fictional characters Stef Foster and Lena Adams of “The Fosters”—TV’s first gay characters to say “I do” since the Supreme Court struck down the Defense of Marriage Act who just so happened to be filming the wedding, the day DOMA was struck down.


Stef and Lena’s is certainly not the first same-sex marriage on television ever. Although NBC’s “Friends” received a lot of kudos for its lesbian wedding in 1996, two other sitcoms had already broken that ground. The first show to feature a gay wedding was Fox’s “Roc” which showed a ceremony between two men; “Roseanne” followed suit in 1995.

Also, check out some famous Vine reactions to the overturning of DOMA  (including my own which was featured) on Buzzfeed

damiandazz buzzfeed Vines DOMA overturndamiandazz Vine DOMA Overturn Buzzfeed

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