How does one go from this to this?


She was one of the most beloved journalist in her country. For years she presented for Greek TV show Showbiz.  Last year she struggled with anorexia and this is the result of that battle.  Now she is a radio producer. And you can see why. SUCH a tragedy.


anorexia struggle battle

anorexia struggle battle

anorexia struggle battle

























wait for it….







anorexia struggle battle anorexia struggle battle

anorexia struggle battle anorexia struggle battle


  1. OMG – I started watching the video first, wondering who she was and then I saw the photos. She is completely unrecognisable since the last time I saw her (Nana Karagianni) on TV ..

      1. we had these stupid gossip programs here in Greece (thank god they’ve been cut, probably becoz of the crisis – no-one is interested in gossip lifestyle of the privileged anymore) and she was one of the hosts .. she has become a monster – do u speak Greek?

      2. Unfortunately, I do not….

        And sadly, despite our best efforts, there are a TON of people at least here in the US that have a strong following for those types of shows… it’s very unfortunate.

  2. OMG poor girl! Maybe she has some problems for loving herself as she was, naturally beatifull. Poor woman… she’s. oh no, am speechless. I hope she recovers her wight!

  3. SHE is NOT a creature, she is a human being with a serious problem and she needs to get help..What a shame that she feels she has to be skinny to be beautiful, or to be loved…this is what the media and TV sets as stupid standards, It is sickening..Beauty is only skin deep, it is what inside that makes a person ..I hope she gets the help she needs and deserves.

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