Steve Grand All-American Boy Damian Dazz

Be My American Boy…

It’s time to whip out those once popular cowboy hats you bought just to wear once about 4 years ago my fellow gays!!! It has finally happened. Country goes gay, albeit through an unknown and unsigned artist. It was inevitable.

Steve Grand All-American Boy Damian DazzAnd what a better way to break that “ruff-n-tuff” hetero stigma than with this purely “All-American” single country single “All-American Boy” sung by the very sexy Steve Grand.  He claims that he doesn’t  have a manager or a label or any sort of funding other than the tip money he makes playing piano downtown at The Joynt in Chicago, and also, ironically to some, in the churches on Sunday morning…

Not only has this video taken the internet world by storm: 453,781 views since this post was published, but the very essence of the song and artist have great potential to be radio-friendly and connect with a rather large audience.  How many gays can you already hear chanting “I’ll be your American Boy” while slow-dancing with their partner??

Steve Grand All-American Boy Damian DazzSteve displays all the characteristics of having true star potential in this video. His looks, his charisma, and his acting ability shine. And more importantly the heavy content of the song dealing with issues of rejection and unrequited love resonate with an already growing fanbase. “All-American Boy” takes inspiration from “You & I” from Lady Gaga and even contains some Jonny Lang “blues-y” sounds up in there!   It is pure country-pop and radios would be silly not to play it.

Steve Grand All-American Boy Damian Dazz“Just the hundreds of people who have said, ‘Your story is my story. Thank you for this,’ is enough for me.” Steve says. “I could die a happy man right now”.

Let’s all hope he doesn’t because I, for one, am darn sure I want to see and hear more from this sexy beast of a country star!

He’s even featured on Huff Post!  Check out the article here.

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and be SURE to download his song and donate to the cause!  This kid needs to eat!!

UPDATE:   Steve Grand makes his televison debut!!   Check it out here:

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