In honor of the revival of “Annie” on broadway and the casting of Jane Lynch as Miss Hannigan, I can’t help but want to share my adoration for the original Miss Hannigan, the incomparable Carol Burnett.

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Keep in mind, I am in no way comparing these two amazing women in filling the role of the famously lush orphanage keeper. I am merely compelled to remind you of the genius that is Carol’s performance that was captured in the film.

I have no doubts that Jane will be simply amazing!  I even just took a listen to tonights’ episode’s recording of Little Girls as performed by none other than her character “Sue Sylvester”. And it completely makes sense to her role and to the marketing of her chaarcter on Broadway.

take a listen:

Some directors may see this role as an evil villain. But something was sparked when Carol stepped into the shoes of Miss Hannigan. She made you love to hate her. Perhaps it’s the performance, perhaps it’s the writing or a combination of both.  Whatever it is I’m sure you can agree that it’s fresh, it’s sassy, it lingers and Carol did amazing at it, and I’m sure Jane will do the same.

One thing we can all say for the women that play this role the right way is that,



By the way here is some foreshadowing if I have ever seen one: Jane and Carol singing the duet , “Ohio” on Glee:


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    I just had to share this blog from Damian Dazz on Jane Lynch being cast as Miss Hannigan in the Broadway revival of Annie. I agree 100%! And the fact that Carol and Jane are friends and have a huge mutual admiration society going on, I can’t imagine anyone better to step into the role that Carol Burnett made iconic.

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