Who Said There Weren’t Any Catholic Geeks?

If you plan on visiting France, there’s one more stop you’ll have to take besides the Louvre and Eiffel Tower… and that is this little church in Compostelle that has erected it’s defending gargoyle statues into famous little 80’s demons images. Gremlins! (amongst some other Japanese characters)

I mean, you can’t get any cooler [or geekier] than that!

What do you think?

une-chapelle-geek-pres-de-nantes chapelle-de-bethleem-goldorak02 chapelle-de-bethleem-Alien chapelle-de-bethleem-gremlins01 chapelle-de-bethleem-gremlins010 chapelle-geek gremelins-chapelle chapelle-de-bethleem-gremlins chapelle-de-bethleem-gremlins3chapelle-de-bethleem-gremlins-gravure-XV

Lire l’article original: http://www.neozone.org/cinema/une-chapelle-geek-pres-de-nantes/#ixzz2JNX3e07A

Under Creative Commons License: Attribution

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